Calzedonia Fashion Show | VERONA, ITALY | AMCKDANCE

Jonathen Jenvrin, Jordan Matheson,                                                        Davide toto ,David Bellamy,Myself & Jessy the Ruggeds 

Jessy the Ruggeds. I love this boy. He has been working with me on Rita for over a year now and it was great to be able to work together again on another stage. 

All of us on our tip toes this model was about 7ft tall no joke! 

These girls were all stunning all having achieved such high standard of work, Victoria secret models, vogue, you name it they had done it. 

I have never been surrounded by so many tall beautiful people in my entire life. This show was eye opening to the model world. The show was incredible and the routines were great. I absolutely loved that side of things but honestly the amount of cameras that were backstage and the energy of always playing up to the cameras drained me. 

Working in Italy was awesome, such a beautiful city, I have learnt over the years of working in other countries how different they work even with schedules, hours, money, attitude. Not nessicarily in a bad way just different. It really does make me appreciate working in London and the rules and schedules we have with everything here especially overtime rates and length of working with breaks. 

Everybody loves a prop 

This was our flag routine as the girls walked the runway in calzedonia a bikinis. I may also have taken the orange pieces of clothing. New outfit in the wardrobe.


Here is the guy that made it all happen creative laccio & choreographer Olivia lucchini. Great team and I am very thankful to of had the chance to work for them in Italy.

Most the routines were very fitness based which I loved, skipping routine above was definitely a challenge but i love that and after training it everyday we all pulled it out. The boys I worked with were awesome such great talents and energies.

The dances were great, all above was the opening number, it was my favourite routine with vogue and tutting influence. I loved training these lines and the speed of this routine. 

Like I said before cameras everywhere. But got to love a cheeky warm up shot! Everyday I did quick cardio session press-up sit-ups followed by a 30 min yoga stretch warm
                     31/03/16 – 07/04/16



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