QQ Awards | Shenzhen | Rita Ora

Team: Jason Thanh Nguyen, Rowan & Alex Chambers, Wilson & Ming from identity dance Shenzhen, fortune Jordan, Jessy the Ruggeds & myself 

I owe everything to this amazing women right here Amber Rimell put me as a dancer on the Rita team last summer and has put her trust in me to assist and be the Dance captain of all Giggs since. I thank her so much for the opportunity and have loved learning and having this position. Biggest love and thanks. 


Full team rehearsals with creative amber Rimell and amck head booker Katheryn 


The most love for these two. The funniest boys and best pair to work with tk date. insanely talented and I love everything you do.

 Shenzhen, China
17/03/16 – 24/03/16

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