This was my third trip to LA and the best trip there I have ever had. One of my closest friends from London, Hamilton Evans agreed to put up with me for two weeks, staying at his beautiful place in NOHO after he moved out to LA about 2 years ago. He is storming the world out there and his classes are constantly sold out. Super proud friend right here!!


Dennis Jauch birthday 

This night was so good, seeing old friends half that live out there and half that were visiting the same time as me. In such a beautiful house and all for a great guys birthday. We drank stupid amounts played games which I didn’t win (not impressed) I blame my team mates! Altogether though this night was such a great one. 




BRITS takeover the house parties. 

       Me with my bests Sammi Lee Jayne Hamilton Evans and Megan Westpfel 

Day1 I arrived with at my twinny Hamiltons place. first spontaneous stop had us taking a trip to the vegan ink tattoo parlour in NOHO. Painful is an understatement, I have wanted my knees tattooed for some time now and I decided this was the day. I was cocky after the outline bragging to the tattooists that it really wasn’t that painful, and then the shading started!  Sore!!!!! Definitely comes in very close to the back of the thigh so on a pain scale close second in my ranking 

          This guy is the truth , Hamilton Evans 

Thank you for everything and just being you, couldn’t ask for a better stay. Big love twinny! 

Also if any of you are ever in LA definitely get in his classes not to be missed I’ve been taking his class for many years now and still I learn so much! 


Skating Venice beach


Check out some of my class videos….
Hamilton Evans class @

Millennium Dance Complex LA

Tink – Million

JoJo Gomez class @

Millennium Dance Complex LA

Die Antwood – babys on fire


                     23/01/16 – 05/02/16

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